Water, 2014 | by Sannah Kvist + Tumblr
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Water, 2014 | by Sannah Kvist + Tumblr

The logic of violence


There are many, many days when the pain of simply existing as a survivor vastly outweighs any supposed benefits conferred on living beings. This is why every survivor experiences a kind of grudge match with being alive. We remain alive because we feel that we have to, because we fear death, or because we simply don’t have the means to end our misery.

If you think that any survivor enjoys life in the exact same way that other people do, you are either clueless, willfully ignorant, or just plain dumb.

This is all exacerbated by the fact that no one takes it easy on you just because you’ve survived something truly awful. In fact, most people see you as easy prey. The more you reveal yourself and your vulnerabilities, the more they seek to exploit those vulnerabilities for their own benefit.

This reality is at the heart of rape culture, domestic violence, racism, child abuse, homophobia, and every other form of oppression imaginable. It is the logic of dehumanization, the practice of turning other human beings into objects to be used for the abuser’s own selfish desires.

Then there’s everyone who isn’t an abuser or a survivor. This tiny group of people breaks into two further categories: enablers and advocates. Enablers are the third largest group, composed of people who are too ignorant, uncaring, or weak-willed to stand up to abusers or to give two shits about the suffering of survivors.

Then there is the smallest group of people on the planet: the tiny percentage of human beings willing to look beyond their own suffering to the suffering of others. These are the changemakers, the visionaries, the revolutionaries.

They are identifiable by the fact that they are almost universally reviled, persecuted, and are often summarily assassinate or executed, by their fellow human beings. This is because their very existence points to what is wrong with the vast majority of the world’s population: they are just too fucking lazy and self-involved to do anything that isn’t at least remotely driven by naked self-interest.

I am a survivor. This is my story:

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